Friday, 22 January 2010

Hats Off

I am an amateur. I am truly humbled.... 'Why?' I hear you cry. Because I have found that there can be only 1. And it's not me.... I've been told about this great site which has some fantastic uses for video and multimedia for teaching.


Mocks - Sign Up Now!

We are due to have our mock exams this year for the Cambridge suite of English exams on February 6th. I've warned all my students to all sign up - and as I know some of you read this from time to time I am using this as a reminder.
I have to spend all Saturday watching you lot scratch paper!
As you know, we don't recommend students for the exams unless you have at least 65%. I know it's a long time till June, but experience teaches us that all students who achieve this pass the exam. Of course I want 80% plus and 'A' grades all round, but back on Earth I am happy with 'C' grades. I am interested in getting a look at the writing papers. I want to see how you get on with these... I am expecting the worst.
Have a good weekend, and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I am so annoyed with my Monday/Wednesday CAE class. They are due to take the exam in March '11 and, good FCE results in hand, are sure of cruising their way through with minimal effort and boisterous behaviour in class. I've half a mind to scare them by sneaking a practice CPE test paper into the class and letting them have a bash at that. The CAE has recently introduced some aspects of the CPE into it so they should remain unawares, and the step up might scare them from complacency. They ARE good, but the chippy attitude irks, and they have so little ambition other than a 'C' grade. I can't blame them really. I was the same many moons ago when I was at school. And they are a smart bunch. What annoys me is that I know how much better they could do, how much faster they could improve, and this opportunity cost, while visible to me, is a myth to them. Who was it that said 'youth is wasted on the young'?