Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Answers to Omar Bongo Crossword

I promised my Wednesday students that I would post the answers to the Omar Bongo Crossword so here they are. I do hope that you had a go at it. It was quite tricky.

1. RIGHTHANDMAN—(5,4,3) Second in Command?
5. BACKBREAKING—(4,8) Very difficult, Hard work
9. NANNY—A minder for the baby
10. RESERVES—The amount of oil held in potentia by a company or country in the ground
11. NIFTY—practical, fast or handy
15. BRASH—Adj - loud, audacious, uncivilised?
17. GRASP—Verb - understand or grab?
18. CUTTING—adjective - terse and satorial. Sarcastic?
19. SWAN—Verb- to move around in an untroubled air like royalty


2. HOBNOB—Verb - to meet and associate with rich and powerful people
3. INDIGNANT—Adj - Annoyed and surprised by an accusation
4. FIDDLE—Verb in the infinitive - to corrupt, cheat or steal
6. CASSAVA—An African cereal crop
7. FIRSTDIBS—A two word phrase (5,4) that means priority
8. FRANCOPHILE—A lover of France
12. FLUMMOX—to confuse and baffle
13. CLADDING—Surface paneling, often made of stone
14. OZIGO—An African hardwood
16. NEPOTISM—Overly favouring one's family, usually by giving jobs to them
18. COT—A Baby's bed

How did you do?

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