Friday, 16 October 2009

Terrible News!

Terrible news. The Economist, the weekly news magazine that I have linked below, has again started to charge for its web content (of the Print edition). It's a real shame, as it is a real quality news provider. I just don't believe that this old-fashioned business model will work though guys. I love the magazine but I will just go elsewhere to free providers until you revert.

By the way, I recommend Nelson Mandela's biography, 'The Long Walk to Freedom'. In it he talks about the Economist magazine in a section that made me giggle. The prisoners on Robben Island were not allowed news media but were allowed 'educational materials', and to try for degrees and qualifications. One of the prisoners duly signed up for a distance degree in Economics and got the prison authorities to subscribe to 'The Economist' for him. For years the guards could not work out how the prisoners were better informed on world affairs than themselves when they enforced a news blackout. Brilliant!

ps. I've changed the link - there's still lots of stuff there, but not as much and their link 'The Print Edition' will take you to a subscription page. It's a great magazine so if you still like your news media on paper I recommend it - but as you are likely a student you can probably get it cheaper and they often have offers for teachers and students in the magazine itself in little red, cardboard inserts

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