Saturday, 10 April 2010

Easter Break

Sorry I haven't been posting recently. We've been away on our holidays for the Easter break. But now we face the summer term, the time when most of my guys will take their exams. So, all that homework that you have been putting off, all that grammar you neglected to learn... the clock is ticking (an idiom meaning that time is running out) and my classes are going to find themselves doing almost continuous solid exam prep. There's no avoiding it. I am particularly concerned about the timings of exam answers (either my guys rush through them with a million and one spelling and grammar errors or they dawdle and don't finish the paper) and also concerned about writing paper length. In your practice papers count the words of your answers so you get to know what looks like the right length. Trust me, after three or four tries you can guestimate the number of words in your own writing to within ten or so words. It's a handy skill to have. Soon then it's nose to the grindstone (another idiom meaning just hard work).

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