Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesdays and Parking

I've just got back home from work after a nice, easy introductory day at school. Parking was tough though. We seemed to have to lap the city centre a few times before finding a spot. We were going through the timetable for the school year but we still haven't been allocated specific classes; that's for tomorrow it seems. We had some seminars and there were some nice ideas. Also, a friend gave me a link which I've added to my links down below - itests. A good site to practice it seems though I'm yet to explore it fully.
By the way, any of my students reading this due to take the Cambridge exams with us in December had better sign up soon. The deadline is the 14th October, and as usual I'm sure you'll all wait till the last minute to sign up!
There will be specifics about the various exam classes soon - but as I haven't started yet you'll just have to wait.

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