Friday, 2 October 2009

Dan Brown is rather like Pringles

Pringles have brought out a Four Cheese variety. I mean really. Could they have had me in mind when they designed this flavour! I was feeling virtuous at having just come from the gym and then I saw them... bought them... and ate them all. Now I feel ever so slightly sick. It's never a good idea to eat a whole tube. Half a tube is more than enough. Which brings me to Dan Brown. He is just like Pringles in many ways. They are both ubiquitous. They are both appealing. They are both a secret pleasure, and yet you feel odd after doing a whole one. Why is it Mr Brown never finishes his books properly? And why am I stupid enough to keep buying them? Ah, it's time for some comfort tube. Now where did I put those Pringles...

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